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  • As a company principle, your requests for flight tickets, accommodation, transfer etc. do not create a surplus cost for your company, we do not charge a service fee.
  • If you define the THY “Corporate” pin code to our agency, we process your domestic and international line tickets, arrange your tickets with the code, and ensure that your discounts and progress payments defined by THY are reflected on your tickets.
  • We are doing all necessary work for all the expenditures you could choose throughout our corporate price agreements with the most preferred hotels, all airline companies and with our partners that provide transfer & car rental services,
  • In line with your requests, you are offered the best alternatives that will save you Money right from the start.
  • In case of emergencies after working hours, it is ensured that you can easily reach our corporate department from our 7/24 hotline and get answers to all your questions quickly.
  • Your mails are quickly responded to and answered.
  • In line with the approval of our finance department, we can quickly switch to deferred payment system, and we help you to keep your travel and accommodation expenses orderly with maturity options.
    By invoicing all your purchases from a single location, we reduce the workload of your accounting and save all your traveling employees and managers from the burden of carrying invoices and allowances.
  • We work with E-Invoice. We take care to act according to the financial structure of your company and adapt to your working system.
  • Our company, which is included in the E-Invoice and E-Archive system, provides an electronic invoice for companies or end users that are not included in this system, and the second copy of the invoice is sent to you in an electronic environment as soon as the invoice is created.
  • From dealer meetings to airline tickets, corporate accommodation to promotional products, transfer services to fair stands, domestic and international travel organizations to all your in-house and external events, we would like to support you with the best price and service advantage for all your organizations by offering alternatives suitable for your budget.

We are by your side with our experienced team to ensure that your corporate travels run smoothly and that you can save money and time.