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Dream Incentive

Is the concept right in the Overseas Dealers Meetings?

I am one of those who like having holiday in abroad. The reason for this is not very clear but I feel like working when I am on holiday in Turkey due to the professional disorder and also I work through all kinds of details. I think about the following matters, which are not problem for many people, the dress and behavior of the waiter and also the receptionists not smiling, the room not ready at 14:00 and also I try to find a solution. All hotels are like my workplace due to our room number in domestically held dealers meetings and also the dominance we have in hotels.

Notwithstanding, the abroad is a complete freedom for me, especially the straight places. Bicycling, walking etc. become a full recreation. I know nobody and nobody knows me and this makes the relations positive and enjoyable.

Alright, does the service we render provide the expected efficiency in our overseas organizations, overseas dealers meetings, educational services and/or overseas technical visits?

In general, the Turkish participants of the overseas dealers meetings or organizations request the life in Turkey from us. Those participants want to east the same meat as in Turkey with the same cooking type and also speak Turkish to the waiters. Some tourist attractions of which the stories are written on every websites are visited by car as before 2 years ago. It ends in the evening with a gala dinner to be organized in the restaurants, which are built entirely for tourist purposes. In my overseas trips, I prefer to eat everything as the local people eat, other than pork meat, which I cannot eat according to my religion.

I think we cannot understand them if we don’t eat seaweed with “waribashi” in China or taste the famous sweet “Trdelnik” in Czech Republic. The followings are a must for me in the overseas trips; to visit at least one district where the locals live, to observe the school gardens, to drink a coffee in the coffeehouse, if any and to watch the games the people play there and also to talk someone if I have a chance to talk. I don’t know what else to learn the foreign cultures. I write these because the rest of the overseas trips are 3 or 4 selfies taken in the old city and a few magnets. More efficient, more enjoyable overseas organizations are waiting for us.